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July 12, 2016 - No Comments!

Pokémon Go — Good for your health?


JamieJamie, @thejdexpress
Founder, TalkLife

Like most of you over the last week I have been on the hunt! The search for my own Mew or Alakazam has been incredibly addictive and I’ve found myself on adventures, taking longer walks around the block and even chatting with new people?! The whole TalkLife team are on it!

So could Pokémon Go be one of the first games that’s actually really good for us? Aside from the In App purchasing, the lack of sleep and those who have gone walking into dark alleyways, I would like to lay out five reasons Pokemon Go can improve your mental wellbeing!!

Sunlight– fresh air and breathing in the world around us!

Most of us know this already, however a healthy amount of sunlight has been shown to be good for the body! Not only does sunlight help us in improve sleep cycles, circadian rythms and serotonin levels, it can also help to stabilise our moods. Not helpful for those playing Pokemon in Winter.

Exercise– Yes trekking to Pokéstops is good for you.

Exercise is incredibly important for mind and body. It can be a fast pick up if you’re feeling flat. Often after taking a brisk walk or run around the block you‘ll noticeably feel the difference. I’m not going to dive into endorphins, serotonin or the stuff doctors have been telling us for years, but I will say that whenever I exercise I feel better. I encourage you to try it– why not catch Squritle at the same time???

Distraction & break

At TalkLife, many users say to me that they often feel at their lowest or triggered to harm when they’re inside and have nothing to do with their minds racing around in circles.

We all need a break from ourselves at times and getting stuck into a game is a great way of switching off our minds, relaxing and stepping away from our thought patterns for a little while.

Pokemon Go forces us to get outside and physically take on a gym.. or two.. Not only does this remove our previous thinking but it challenges our minds with a new task. Our minds like to be challenged!

We can meet new people

I need to be careful here! I’m not suggesting meeting everyone who has a lure on a Pokestop is a good thing, i’m definately not suggesting you head down a dark alleyway to hang out with Boris & his friends.. but I am saying that the act of having an aligned purpose or interest is a huge icebreaker! Seeing a fellow trainer walking along The Strand hunting pokemon gives you something to laugh about– a chance to break down barriers.

Finally – IT’S FUN!!! Yes that’s right, fun, laughter, smiling!

It’s okay to have fun and it’s okay to giggle as you capture a 120CP Pikkachu!!! Sometimes we can get so caught up in our situations we forget to have fun, we can even forget what that feels like. Perhaps a dose of smiling, adrenaline and chasing imaginary creatures down highways or millitary bases could be exactly what the Doctor ordered?

I think this game is incredibly fun and if your parents suggest putting your phones away– you’re welcome to quote Jamie’s top five tips above!

What do you think? Are you enjoying Pokémon Go? Leave your comments below.

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Talk to a professional Counsellor online with TalkLife Connect


Message a counsellor whenever you need them.
Convenient, affordable and safe to be yourself!

It’s about time we explained a bit more about what TalkLife Connect is, why we developed this service and how it might be useful to you. Afterall Connect has been around for a little while now-we’re in need of a proper introduction!

What is Connect and why did we develop it?

Sometimes everyone needs a little extra support and talking to a trained professional about how you are feeling could be really helpful. Whether you are really struggling or just feeling a little flat talking to someone who is specifically trained to listen and who can provide ongoing support can make a huge difference. Read more

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Stop bubba from putting you in a white van.

JamieJamie Druitt, @thejdexpress
Founder, TalkLife

I know this is a super boring topic, and I know that most of us have heard about online safety a million times — yet so often I get messages from people getting into trouble on IM platforms, schools and new online ‘friendships’.

This isn’t Kansas anymore and the days of real anonymity are far behind us, so how can we have fun online and yet protect ourselves from big bad bubba arriving at our doorsteps to put us into the white van?

Here are our top tips for keeping safe while having fun on social networks. Yes stream, yes meet people, yes go on dates, but let’s be acutely aware of the world around us and present dangers as we do it.

Let’s start the discussion — add your ideas, tips, thoughts below. What else have we missed?

Don’t know what TalkLife is? You can download here

July 02, 2016 - 1 comment.

Hide & Seek

JenJennifer Russell, @j5nnRussell
Head of Operations, TalkLife

Today I am hiding away. I am having one of ‘those’ days-a down day, a funk, feeling a bit low whatever you want to call it. It’s been building for a few days and it generally passes within a few days but for now it’s resulted in me sitting in my pyjamas feeling totally shit and then hating myself for it. And knowing it’s probably only temporary isn’t helping one bit. It’s making me feel very angry at myself and at the world around me. I promised myself that I would talk about this. So I am. I have to share how I feel because I believe that in sharing and not hiding away it might make a difference-not only to how I feel but maybe if there are other people out there feeling the same it might make a difference to them. Or it might not. Either way I’ve started now so I might as well continue.

We hide so much as a society. A few days ago I was locked in the bathroom whilst out with friends taking a moment for myself having felt overwhelmed (when this first started to kick in) and it occurred to me how much we hide and how hiding can feel so isolating and lonely. I started to think about all the ways and things we hide. Hiding is a huge characteristic of our society, we all hide all the bloody time!

I hid my need for some space alone (a perfectly reasonable need? But slightly socially unacceptable?) by telling my friends I needed to use the bathroom-that always buys you a good 20 minutes before anyone really realises you’re gone. I’ve taken days sick from work with ‘food poisoning’ because it’s much easier and more acceptable than saying ‘I can’t get out of bed today and I can’t really tell you why’. We hide the fact that we are pregnant incase something goes wrong and we wouldn’t want people to know about that (i’ve never quite understood that, personally I would want the support but thems the ‘rules’), we hide the fact that we want to get pregnant, or don’t want to. We hide the fact that we are grieving (still), that we are struggling with relationships, that we feel scared, insecure, anxious. We hide the moments where we have fallen apart as human beings and where we thought we might never find a way to build ourselves again. We hide that we can’t sleep or struggle with eating or drinking. That we feel fat, or thin, or unattractive. We hide that we worry about our future, that our children and friends are finding it hard to cope and it’s tearing us up inside. We sometimes even hide when we are happy, or when things are going well. Or we hide our hopes and dreams for fear that they might not come true (or they might, that’s scary too!) or we might seem arrogant. We hide what makes us unique for fear of being unacceptable or causing upset. We hide what makes us human. We hide what we all feel at times. We hide what ties us all together, what makes us love and cherish each other and what makes us feel connected.

It feels so unnatural to hide the bits of ourselves that society finds unacceptable but it has become so natural to us that we hardly recognise we are doing it.

I totally understand why we hide, sharing the difficult stuff sounds terrifying and i’m the first to admit that being around me on a day like today when I am not hiding is no fun for anyone! But I think it’s equally terrifying being isolated and feeling like you are the only one in the world feeling like this on a day like today.

So I’m not going to hide today. And i’m not going to write anymore either-I’ve run out of steam. But for anyone out there who is hiding as well today-you are not alone. x

PS. I feel marginally better.