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Stop bubba from putting you in a white van.

JamieJamie Druitt, @thejdexpress
Founder, TalkLife

I know this is a super boring topic, and I know that most of us have heard about online safety a million times — yet so often I get messages from people getting into trouble on IM platforms, schools and new online ‘friendships’.

This isn’t Kansas anymore and the days of real anonymity are far behind us, so how can we have fun online and yet protect ourselves from big bad bubba arriving at our doorsteps to put us into the white van?

Here are our top tips for keeping safe while having fun on social networks. Yes stream, yes meet people, yes go on dates, but let’s be acutely aware of the world around us and present dangers as we do it.

Let’s start the discussion — add your ideas, tips, thoughts below. What else have we missed?

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